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Star Control II

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If this doesn’t make any sense to you, I suggest you go and play Star Control II now. It’s the best game ever made. I wrote this while I my ship was in hyperspace.

I played this when I was younger but gave up before getting the Ultron, meeting the Arilou or defeating the Ur-Quan at the Sa-Matra. This time I intend to finish the job. I got really frustrated by the Slylandro probes because they hindered any attempt to enter or exit the Centauri system. If I were the head of the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls I would have traced back the Slylandro gas bags and blown up their planet. It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Me in my precursor starship being shot to bits by a exploration probe with a small crew and a defensive lazer. The secret: the probe could turn faster than me. By the time I had turned around to bring my cannons bare on it, it had jumped behind me again and was harassing whoever sits at the back of my ship.

Although now I’ve upgraded my ship’s turning jets and thrusters so I can destroy the probes with little fuss. The debris collected from them is far more valuable (550 RU for each probe).

The Slylandro homeworld is in the Beta Corvi system at coordinates [033.3 : 981.2]


I met the Shofixti and the Pkunk. Although I haven’t yet officially seen the Shofixti because any attempt to speak to Tanaka results in his ship running a kamikaze attack on me. I even spoke to admiral ZEX and tried to recover the Shofixti maidens. But in order for him to give them to you, you need to trade them for the VUX beast and I really haven’t got enough fuel to go trotting across half the galaxy. Tanaka isn’t that interesting anyway. The Pkunk are cool though, they gave me the glass spindle (I suppose that’s something to do with the Ultron?) and four little ships.

Methinks now is the best time to go do revision, lest my *happy time* is taken up by this *spit*.


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April 26, 2009 at 06:43

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