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I just watched the trailer for Empire: Total War. My conclusion is thus: the land campaign looks exactly the same as the other campaign in Rome: Total War. In fact. The only thing to have changed is the models. The naval battles however, bring out in me the little bit of the Pirates of the Carribean game which I actually genuinely loved (not the Role-playing, the naval battles) If they’ve got the naval battle simulator thing right, then I’m all for the parents buying this game. Second thing to bother me is that I want to play it in the multi-player mode. Except I don’t have 2 copies. I could pay for one on my laptop, the parents pay for one on the other PC, but somehow I don’t think they’ll see the merit in that.

I’ve been gearing up for the i36 Multiplay gaming championship in Stoneleigh Park at Easter but I get the horrible sense that nobody want to join me in a team entry for it.  I mean, who would want to spend 4 days sleeping in a tent with me and playing endless hours of Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2 in a former warehouse? Well, you’ll all be amazed when I single-handedly beat everyone else in the championship and come home with PC gamer singing my praises on the front page of it’s magazine. Something like that anyway. The alternative to gaming is going cycling with family. That’s about as fun as being taken out to a field and watching the grass grow: you get in touch with nature, and you get to speak to the parents. But it’s just boring.


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March 5, 2009 at 17:26

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