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I played Left4Dead a bit more and I’m well intuned to the way the game works. It’s also a happy coincidence that I’m reading a book on game design at the same time because I can see what I’m learning as I play. I had Left4Dead for much longer than the ‘free period’ offered because when the timer ran out nothing happened and I was able to keep playing. Then it ran out some time between Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. There’s one scene on the Death Toll in which you reach the safehouse but there’s already someone in there and they don’t let you in, this is both:

  1. An engaging game tactic, take you right up to the moment when you think you’re safe and challenge you to make one last stand. It’s a pretty good evolution of the ‘King of the Hill’ gamemode.
  2. A deep and thought-provoking exploration of humanity. Someone is holed up in relative safety and refuses to let his fellow survivors in. I suppose this kind of thing doesn’t just happen in the single-player story mode either but that it takes place on the 4-player online campaign with real people. Most of the game apppeals to our ‘pack mentality’ walking around in groups, strength in numbers but when that isn’t enough, it appeals to our basic instinct to survive and sod the rest of the team.

Plus, after that scenario, you get to walk through a house which is probably the zombie apocalypse survivor’s version of willy wonka’s chocolate factory, the place is full of the standard weapons, ammo, health; but when you leave the house, that’s when the fun really starts. Firstly, you’re on possibly the most easily defensible roof I have ever seen in the history of video-game-worlds. There’s no need to watch your back because that’s facing the house, there’s a ledge to one side which holds no more than 2 people, and a sniper position in a window. The only access to the roof is either through the safehouse or up a ladder which is surrounded pretty much on all 4 sides by humans with guns. If the going gets really tough, you can retreat back inside the house, where there are moltov coktils and gas canisters to rely upon as a second defense.

There’s a supermarket you have to capture on the opposite side of the street, if the game were different, I would just camp out of the roof and loot the supermarket if I get hungry. Problem soved.

I think there’s a problem with Steamwork’s multiplayer. Me and Dylan repeatedly try hosting Counter-Strike matches and it always comes up with the mesage ‘Server not responding’. It’s proven to work within our local-area network. But it won’t let me host matches on the internet. When I tried using Left4Dead’s ‘quick match’ option it took 15 minutes then gave up and admitted that it hadn’t found anything. We’ve both opened the necessary ports on our routers and I don’t know what else to do. If I play Left4Dead in the future, it’ll be on the Xbox because that has 2-player spliscreen co-op and I have 2 controllers and the graphics are optmized for the Xbox. My laptop is good and Left4Dead is a source game, but if I play it on high settings the frame rate dies. That’s something which isn’t really acceptable in a game which requires instinct-based split-second reactions. I also belive that Xbox LIVE is better than Steamworks for multiplayer because you pay for Xbox LIVE. That’s just my theory anyway – pay for something and it’s got to be better than something which comes free.


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May 4, 2009 at 07:54

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I just found a silly bug on Steam:
Wahey, now I’m going to organize this gaming get-together I’m supposed to have with my friends in the holidays.

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March 21, 2009 at 09:40

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