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I’ve spent this afternoon doing a mixture of Unreal Tournament 3 (as it’s free on Steam this weekend) and Stop-Motion Animation. I set up EVERYTHING. Only to find that my camcorder only plays nice with the following devices: SDHC cards, Macs and Televisions/Analogue VHS recorders. I’m therefore enacting Stop Motion Animation the ‘hard way’. By using my perfectly normal camera to take about 50 snaps, then put them on the PC, then turn those images into a movie. My plastiscine is always either too hard or too squishy which means that my character has wobbly legs which mean I can’t get him to stand up in-between actions so I’ve reduced my frame rate right down to 10 Frames-Per-Second. My final movie looks like a black goo monster being attacked by random occasional camera flares, not bad seeing as all I was trying to do was mimic the way a human being walks.


I commented on a 45-minute video of me playing UT3 before realising that for some insane reason Fraps won’t record and sound from the Vista Direct Stream.
I also realised that some Vista screensavers are actually DirectX objects because Fraps was showing a frame counter above them.

Despite all that I’ve had the most fun this afternoon than for a long time.


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March 14, 2009 at 17:24

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