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Casino Moscow

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I was reading Matthew Brzezinski’s book earlier and came up with the following dialog:

Soviet factory supervisor: Greetings America!
Western investor: Howdy! Unfortunately I’ve been sent here because we’re not selling enough cars.
Soviet factory supervisor: Ah! Niet problem. I will ask my comrades to make less.
Western investor: No! Carry on making at full production!
Soviet factory supervisor: But… If the farmers are happy with horses and bicycles, they don’t need cars!
Western investor: No, everyone needs a car. And, if they already have one they should buy another one. That’s why we have marketing.
Soviet factory supervisor: What is ‘marketing’
Western investor: Convincing people to buy stuff.
Soviet factory supervisor: That is stupid, why would you tell someone to buy something they don’t need.
Western investor: To make profit. I can see there are going to be some changes around here.
Soviet factory supervisor: No there aren’t.
Western investor: I own 51% of the shares. I’ll take this up in the next Annual General Meeting.
Soviet factory supervisor: Oh! You mean the Worker’s Council! They won’t let you in; you’re not a worker.
Western investor: Screw you guys, I’m going to invade Iraq. They’re nicer over there.

Although it is true that the former soviet system was hopelessly corrupt and inefficient. And Stalin was a huge traitor. And that the USSR was ‘State Capitalist’ (the state replaced the bosses in oppressing the workers). And that the invasion of Afghanistan could be viewed as ‘imperialistic’ (which Lenin was fervently opposed to). They actually tried to be socialist. In some way. They should get bonus points for trying.

Pioneers are walking around there,
singing songs to Lenin.


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April 2, 2009 at 17:51

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