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Something I like about RoosterTeeth is that when they make a film, they detail most of their process in a blog post afterwards. I now know that shooting ratio is the amount of film that’s shot in comparison to the final cut. If the shooting ratio for a 2 minute internet viral video was 15:1 then the editor would have to trawl through 28 minutes of worthless footage to get those 2 minutes. Same with a feature film, a shooting ratio of 5:1 and the film is an hour and a half long, the editor has to trawl through 6 hours of useless footage to find the hour and a half of stuff that goes in the movie.
You’ve also got to consider that most feature films are still shot onto tapes. That means that somewhere, in a huge archive probably, there’s a gigantic pile of out-take tapes. To buy all those tapes is incredibly expensive. I’m beginning to realise why feature film budgets extend into the £ millions.

And here’s another thing I noticed. RoosterTeeth bought a RED camera to film Captain Dynamic. They then put their video on YouTube, here’s why they should have just used a normal camera:

Red Camera: 4,900 x 2,980
Youtube (High Defenition): 1280 x 720

Audio quality
Red Camera: 48KHz Stereo
Youtube (High Defenition): 44KHz Mono

The Flip Mino HD costs $200 in the US where RoosterTeeth are based.
A RED One camera and a lens and a rail costs $25,250.


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April 5, 2009 at 07:16

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