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I was watching Rammstein’s volkerball peformance on Youtube when I noticed that one of the band had bolted his keyboard to a segway and was riding up and down the stage at the same time as playing the keyboard. If you don’t belive me, go check it out here.

Since I’m here, I’ll go full rant. Rammstein are viewed as vulgar and obscene by the Parents. And that may be so, however, they are much better than some bands who pretend radicalism and command legions of breathless brainless pre-teens to their aid who post ‘Ich liebe Fabi’ on every Killerpilze video on YouTube. Or the members of Tokio Hotel who (I shall not criticse their youth) sing about almost nothing. At all. They have no cause, no reason to exist, they make mediocre easy-listening pop songs which top the charts but achieve nothing. There are singers like James Blunt who make middle-aged women swoon at the slightest provocation. And his secret? He sounds like a girl and in one of his music videos he takes his shirt off. Now, when I am told that Rammstein manipulate their audience by prancing around in silly costumes, that is nothing compared to the gigantic crowds manipulated by ‘boy bands’ like Coldplay, the Killers, the Kooks, Razorlight to name a few. At least Rammstein’s ‘audience participation’ is more blatant. However, young men apparently need idols and role models, and so the show continues.


Rammstein’s music may be extreme and on the fringes of acceptability but that’s exactly why I like it. Here are the stories behind their songs:

Reise Reise – A ballad about mariners. I don’t really understand the point of the song. But that’s kay because the music is strong and surging. The theatrics on stage are amazing. I think it’s some sort of call to revolution due to the consistent repetition of ‘rise’ (or ‘journey’).

Ich Will – The entire band dresses up as terrorists and shoots up a bank, then they become international celbrities and get a film award. It’s supposed to be (directly pulled from Wikipedia) a demonstration of the media’s obsession with a good story, as well as an illustration of the immortality that can be achieved by those who commit wrongs.

Sonne – A dark and grimy re-enactment of Snow-White and the seven dwarves. Featuring a drug-addicted snow-white and the seven dwarves mining diamonds with industrial equipment. It’s all very abstract and artistic.

Amerika – A cry out against globalisation and the mono-cultural situation which emerges in some countries after steady years of Americanization. It shows African children sitting before Santa Claus, that’s quite powerful imagery.

Ohne Dich – A sad song about losing someone. Coupled with video of Rammstein climbing a mountain and loads of groaning manly teamwork. It’s a simple story with a simple idea but it works.

Mutter – The name of one of their albums, it’s about a test-tube baby born out of an experiment. He resents his mother ‘who never gave birth to him’ for his pitiful existence and so he goes to kill her. As a result he is imprisoned in a cage under a river. It’s dark but it’s a strong cry out against test-tube babies ect…

Links 2-3-4 – A song from the old Deutsche Demokratische Republik (GDR). It’s all about gemeinschaft (community) and the power of many to rally against enemies and invaders.


Couple all that with the fact that Christine was listening to  Souja Boy in her body pump class. If you actually listened to the lyrics and stopped trying to look cool you would uncover that Souja Boy spews the most vugar stuff you never would have noticed:

I’m Jocking On Yo Bitch Ass
And If We Get The Fightin
Then I’m Cocking On Your Bitch

Then Super Man Dat Hoe

That there. That’s vulgar.

I like songs which have a meaning. Les Cowboys Fringants rail against globalisation and the destruction of the environment, the slow erosion of the French language in Quebec. But, and here’s the crucial difference – they do it in a light-hearted manner through sometimes subtle digs in their songs.


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