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I made this image in Gmod last week but couldn’t find an excuse to upload it. So, without further ado:
Unfortunately 571 * 468 is actually the full size of that image because I took it in 720 resolution in Gmod and it was far away so I cut out lots of the picture and resized it.

Effects do make a picture look better.


I also pondered what would make Star Control II any better than it’s current iteration. The answer: do it all in German. I can totally imagine cruising up to the Spaathi and going ‘Ich bin Kommandant Zelnick von den Schiff Vindicator. Ich wollen Sie zu mein Allianz von Frei Sterner angliedern.’ That would be awesome.

I wrote a letter in to the Oxford Times about the old people who complain to the police about cyclists on the pavement. Fingers crossed they’ll publish it.


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April 27, 2009 at 20:54

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