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I’ve been getting weird questions from Caleb recently asking why I don’t hang out with him anymore. Recently I’ve been spending most of my lunch and break in the library. Here are the reasons why.


  1. Warm, sheltered.
  2. Good company.
  3. Intelligent political debate. Conversation about Games. Interesting insights on school life.
  4. Ability to get some work done while you’re there.
  5. Tables to sit around and comfy chairs to sit in.
  6. Teachers think you must be doing something right as you’re in the library.
  7. Internet access.
  8. The Guardian to read daily. And a whole 11 shelves of books.

Outdoors next to the tree:

  1. Cold, exposed.
  2. People who I might occasionally speak to but I don’t really know as friends. And some idiots. Oh, and some chavs.
  3. Dumb remarks and conversation about girls, and things I don’t care about.
  4. Almost impossible to do any work.
  5. Standing around in a huddle.
  6. Teachers regard you with suspicion.

That’s why from now on I spend my lunch in the library. Screw Caleb.


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March 23, 2009 at 18:00

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