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the worst of the internet

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I’ve been trawling through loads of photos on facebook of people who look (as someone in my Citizenship class pointed out) so completely full of themselves. The pretentiousness is unbelievable and yet it continues. But that’s not what I wanted to post. On our last day before study leave some popular socialites went out to point-and-shoot the last day forever and give it some kind of meaning “it’s not like we’re all going to come back next year in Sixth-Form is it?”.

I came across this photo:

A typical Cherwellian schoolboy in his native dress.

A typical Cherwellian schoolboy in his native dress.

And I watched Gordon Brown’s YouTube address to the nation (I felt like the only person in the country to have taken it seriously). The government channel had blocked comments and here’s why:

Vox Populi

Someone had re-kicked the video on their channel with comments allowed and that was the result. Methinks the government did well to protect themselves from such abuse.


Written by Pierre

May 17, 2009 at 09:48

Dear Gordon Brown.

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Things to get Gordon Brown to do which would be better for the country:

  1.  Re-nationalize the train service
    In doing this he shloud convert the entire train network from diesel trains to electric trains.
    This could create jobs and stimulate the UK economy like in the ‘new deal’.
  2. Create an officially recognised ‘Parliament day’. For the founding of parliament in the UK.
    This would serve as a good national holiday as people rarely get the chance to celebrate the sucesses of their country.
  3. Something to do with banning Mother’s/Father’s day.

Oh yeah, and FUCK THE BANKERS!
They get paid too much and they have turned the UK’s economy into a mess.

Written by Pierre

March 5, 2009 at 07:11

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