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This week has (as I so wisely predicted) been difficult. Coming out of ‘revision holidays’ into the school year is like running to catch up with a bus. It’s been exhausting. And again, it’s only really been tiring because I didn’t know we had some mega-hard history essays to do. I came in on Tuesday and everyone was eagerly clutching about 5 pages of typed up essay. So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been ┬ádoing all week: catching up on revision I should have really done at easter. I don’t regret it though, easter was fun.
Lessons at school have slowly changed from teaching new things to teaching old things. The subject is now less important than the exam. Which means that some lessons are focused around analysing the mark scheme, or other equally boring tasks.

Over the easter holidays the school replaced their redundant FirstClass E-Mail program with Outlook 2007. However, they neglected to upgrade anything in the computers themselves so it takes about 10 minutes to actually start up. One enterprising individual in our class took it upon himself to send an E-Mail to the entire school saying “I’m bored. lol” and then someone else followed his example with “Dylan is a bocat“. The sorry affair ended yesterday morning when a memo was circulated which said that the E-Mail system was not for personal use and all E-Mail could be viewed by staff and that anyone caught abusing the system would have their E-Mail account suspended blah blah blah. It’s an empty threat to suspend someone’s school account because we all learnt long ago to get our own address at somewhere like Hotmail or Gmail. Nobody uses the school’s E-Mail except to pull funny heists like that one. They tried using the Moodle Virual Learning Environment which came with chat functionality and a built-in blog system. My only post to date is ‘does anyone use this thing?’ – to which I recieved zero replies.

In IT at the moment we’re learning how to send and recieve E-Mail. As an easter surprise I was told that I hadn’t done any coursework in IT and I would fail the course if none was handed in. To which I replied that I had handed in all my coursework. None of it had been marked. I had to speak to the head of IT to persuade them to mark it. And when I came back this week it still wasn’t marked. When I confronted my teacher about his gross incompetence he asked which particular module I wanted marked. He then picked the latest bit of work out of my folder (my E-Mail work) and saw that the folder in which I kept all my IT work on my computer was called ‘uselessrubbish’. Then he refused to see any more of it and wanted me to re-do it. Meanwhile all anyone ever does in our IT lessons is play downloaded flash games.
As a consequence; I don’t care what grade I get in IT.

Some other changes occured too, the PE groups have been mixed around for the last days of compulsory sport. The boy and girl groups have been mixed, and we now do only single activities. Every lesson from now on I’ll play softball or rounders. All the chavs decided to go play football. The only downside to this is that we now have to share our changing room with the Year 10s.

I found the time to watch the Chronicles of Riddick and Valkyrie. Valkyrie is interesting because it’s a true story (albeit slightly dramatized) about the plot hatched by the Kresau circle to blow up Hitler. Chronicles of Riddick is intersting because it has Vin Diesel in it. And because I had no clue what the entire Chronicles of Riddick thing was about and I’m still lost in the storyline. Did the games come before or after the film?


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April 25, 2009 at 15:14

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