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Patrick Moore

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Today I had an Astronomy revision session before the exam tomorrow. Mr. Moss showed us an aging sky at night video in which Patrick Moore travelled around the UK finding ‘independent thinkers’ and giving them a voice on televison. That was a good thing to do, even if he disagrees with their ideas and disregards them as false they need to be heard out. It’s an interesting point to make that most major scientific discoveries at one point went against the prevailing majority of opinion.

Some people dress up as Druids and go to Stonehenge to observer the summer solstice, some believe in lay lines, some believe in extra-terrestrials. These people are necessary and useful to society because if they didn’t exist not only would the world be a boring place, it would also reduce our chances of making significant scientific progress. There’s always the chance that these independent thinkers speak the truth. We can’t have thought of everything, we could be missing some fundemental piece of knowledge but we would never know of our ignorance until afterwards.


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May 14, 2009 at 16:33

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I drank a carton of apple juice and it tasted sparkling and I thought that was awesome until I checked the date and it said that it had expired 2 weeks ago. It’s like really really bad cider.
I spent two hours longer than necessary in school finishing off DT coursework (it’s submitted today – woo!) and attending a half-hour Astronomy lesson.
And I played Counter-Strike with Caleb, this is one of the funniest scenarios to come up. That and someone firing-whilst-jumping through a window with shards of glass flying everywhere. Very cool.



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April 29, 2009 at 21:23

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