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Democracy works.

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Here’s the bit where I get all worked up about democracy because Sarah Brown replied to a tweeted suggestion that she not use the acronym WoW to describe the Wellbeing of Women charity. She’d already had the piss taken out of her by a Daily Mail journalist idiot who didn’t understand Twitter so ambiguous tweets which may or may not be referring to World of Warcraft should be dealt with carefully so as not to catch the attention of dim-witted journalists desk zombies.

This use of Twitter to facilitate dialogue between people in power and citizens is encouraging, and it gives me a big ego boost to get recognised by Mrs. Brown. This experience doesn’t however change my views on Twittter not having any true purpose.


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September 14, 2009 at 13:35

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Politics is the control of resources.

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Seeing as I haven’t actually handed in my definition of politics and I still have time to write (despite the chaotic return to school) I’ll go back and explore an alternative view briefly mentioned in my first lesson: Politics is about power, the more resources you control, the more power you have, politics is about resources.

The term ‘resources’ covers a fairly general and vague territory: gold, land, water, food, electricity, oil, iron, wood… the list continues but I’ve already explained that it covers almost anything.

Politics is about how these resources are managed.

In other news I need a new blog specifically for Media Studies as the exam moderators probably don’t care about my reflections on life as a teenager, which is fair enough I suppose.

I received my debit card and will soon go buy server space and move this blog to it’s very own domain. You read that correctly: I am going to continue to support this blog.

The Flip Video Ultra HD pocket camcorder arrived in the post after about 2 weeks stuck in the throes of the postal service. I still however support the local industrial action within the Royal Mail lead by one of the comrades at the SWP. I used it to film a Counter-Strike match with friends at my house.

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September 9, 2009 at 16:01

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FLQ fundraising

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I’m posting the last one as I’m in a free period so I went home with a classmate. This is technically not allowed but… it’s not like I’m going to do anything at school anyway.


It’s probably a bit shocking to think that one of their sources of income was stolen bank money. But it seems to make sense with the economic climate and attitude now against banks (and bankers) who are as Adair Turner says “Socially Useless”.
I’m going back to school for media studies now.

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September 7, 2009 at 11:54

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Green Party Fundraising

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Today’s comic was supposed to be outlining how much the little fundraising events are completely overwhelmed by larger scale ones. I might have missed the point a little but hey, at least you can admire my Gmod skillz:

greenfundraisingApologies for the late posing, I didn’t bother posting this morning (because I was busy with tomorrow’s comic) and I realised I had some German Grammar exercises to do this afternoon. Exercises which I still have to do.

School tomorrow!

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September 6, 2009 at 15:19

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New Labour fundraising

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Yesterday I put dialogue to 2 comics, and I plan to put in the dialogue for a 3rd one this afternoon.  I’m posting one comic a day for the next three days to spread them out a bit. All these comics are on the theme of fundraising.

labourfundraisingOn a seperate path I notice that Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and Arma II have quietly crept onto consoles. These are both the continuations of a 1st generation of military simulations which I bought a while ago. It seems now these simulations have moved to a console audience and although I haven’t played them, I fear they might be dumbed down to appeal to a wider audience. This is a good thing because I found the complexities of both first games frustrating.

Matthieu phoned earlier to say that Halo 3: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper comes out in about 2 weeks. This is good news:

  1. I consider Halo to be a benchmark for console shooter games with an unpredictable story, wonderful settings and lots of fun. More of the same would be much appreciated.
  2. The Halo 3 map packs come with the game.
  3. New Firefight multiplayer mode.
  4. Get to play as Sargent Johnson if you preorder.
  5. Continuation of features introduced in Halo 3 such as Theater and Forge.

The bad news is:

  1. It costs £40. This is an enormous amount of money to spend on any video game… even if it’s Halo.
  2. I have school soon. School tends to replace video games pretty dramatically.

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September 5, 2009 at 10:33

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What is politics?

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First off I’d like to say that this is a really really annoying essay 1-page explanation to write, why? Well because politics broadly crosses so many other fields: Philosophy and Economics are the main ones but it spills over into numerous other areas as well.

It reminds me of an Arabian folk tale in which a crafty bread thief asks the wise judges to define “What is bread?”; the wise men each come up with contrasting definitions and the clever thief walks free. And I apologise, but I do not have a link to that story.

The most obvious place to start is to look at other people’s definitions, Wikipedia defines politics as:

A process by which groups of people make decisions.

That’s the most broad yet concise a definition I’ve found so far. In fact instead of writing all this I could easily just leave it with that definition there.

Dictionary.com defines politics as:

The science or art of political government.

Fair enough, although not as clear as Wikipedia.
And then it goes on to state that politics can also be used as a verb, used often (incorrectly) by Christine when describing the people at Blenheim palace:

French: Ils font de la politique
English translation: They do politics

Which loosely follows the definition given by Dictionary.com, that to ‘do’ politics is:

To deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way, as for job advancement.

So, I’m splitting up the definition of politics to mean both ‘the practice of good government’ and ‘the practice of gaining power’. These terms overlap when a politician who is good at the power-grabbing aspect of politics uses their skill to maneuver themselves into a position where they can govern. A good example of this is a member of the executive board of a company doing politics to become Chief Executive Officer. People become disillusioned in politics because they fail to see the ideological battle behind much of the scrambling for power.

Such people may even claim to be apolitical. This is false as although they may not identify with any strain of political thought, they are in fact supporting the prevailing ideas of the society that they exist in.
Politics is sometimes presented as a two dimensional tug-of-war between the left and the right. This view is also false because politics also encompasses issues other than the class struggle for example: the environment, civil liberties, the peace movement, the abolishment of copyright, ect… The way those issues are dealt with defines your government.

That’s my slightly disjointed definition, although feel free to browse the mind-map I drew on the subject:

politics mmap

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September 5, 2009 at 09:28

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For the abolishment of the monarchy.

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I’m typing up the speech I wrote at the YCL camp, there isn’t yet a video of my delivering it on YouTube so I might come back to it later as a vlog, we’ll see. Until then here’s the text:

Today Britain is hailed as a steady democratic society, other nations look to it as an ideal. This goes even to the point that Britain feels itself righteous enough to be able to criticize others: the military states, dictatorships and oppressive regimes.
What is forgotten is that we too belong to this group. When the other nations revolted and grew into republics, Britain was held back, our civil war was lost and monarchial rule maintained.
Today the aristocrats which we fought long ago are still living in their huge estates. They are still granted titles by birthright; and they still exist in an elitist bubble. They are still fuelled by archaic traditions such as fox hunting which are mistakenly preserved as “national heritage”.
The Queen herself is praised for bringing in tourist revenue.
At school, were we not taught that all humans are equal? Why then must we lower ourselves in forced respect for the enemies of a republic?
Not only does the feudal system preserve unjust laws, it facilitates the creation of new ones. Elizabeth Windsor still has a role in approving laws. This unelected head of state also poses as a figurehead for our nation.
Think of the other members of the commonwealth who are also meant to suffer the rule of a foreign snob.
Refuse to let taxpayer’s money support the exorbitant expenses of the nobility.
Refuse to let the Queen undermine the elected government.
Refuse to bow in humility before this ancient inbred family.

Abolish them!!


I also downloaded a film called ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ from the Pirate Bay. I hope to watch it and seed it for the next week-or-so.

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September 1, 2009 at 16:56

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