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I stayed up last night watching ‘The Revolution Will not be Televised‘. It’s a fantastic film because it’s really simple, all it is is a camera crew who just happened to be in Caracas at the time of the coup against Chavez and they filmed loads and loads of footage. Instead of featuring interviews or  narration, it shows what would be known as ‘the view from the street’. John Pilger’s Documentary ‘the War on Democracy‘ does expose the takeover in Venezuela, but it’s easily beaten in terms of detail by amateur footage of the events taking place minute-by-minute.

Nevertheless, this post was not supposed to be a gushing stream of praise for a really quite obscure film. This post is highlighting examples of how adding a personal touch to business makes me very happy.

Yesterday morning as I went to get the paper the shopkeeper (a fat, irritated-looking man) told me that he had received a letter saying that the Guardian would cost £1 instead of the habitual 90p. We both agreed that this was an unwise move and I bought the Independent in protest.

When I received the book ‘White niggers of America’ from Amazon, inside was slipped a printed out order page and on the bottom was handwritten in biro the word ‘Enjoy!’.

The bank cashier had memorized my name and when I walked in he said ‘Hello Pierre’. I didn’t remember if his name was David or Daniel so I just said hi.

A bookkeeper introduced himself as Jeff and addressed me as ‘Man’ or ‘Dude’, he described his job as ‘A really nice gig’ and explained to me how the books in the shop are so cheap because the guy who owns the shop also owns a wholesale warehouse. The background music in the shop was Pink Floyd and I was beginning to think that he wasn’t a real bookkeeper at all; bookkeepers have glasses and cardigans and talk quietly, he couldn’t have looked more out of place.

All of these things pretty much made my day a lot better.


Written by Pierre

September 3, 2009 at 09:37

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