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I’m typing up the speech I wrote at the YCL camp, there isn’t yet a video of my delivering it on YouTube so I might come back to it later as a vlog, we’ll see. Until then here’s the text:

Today Britain is hailed as a steady democratic society, other nations look to it as an ideal. This goes even to the point that Britain feels itself righteous enough to be able to criticize others: the military states, dictatorships and oppressive regimes.
What is forgotten is that we too belong to this group. When the other nations revolted and grew into republics, Britain was held back, our civil war was lost and monarchial rule maintained.
Today the aristocrats which we fought long ago are still living in their huge estates. They are still granted titles by birthright; and they still exist in an elitist bubble. They are still fuelled by archaic traditions such as fox hunting which are mistakenly preserved as “national heritage”.
The Queen herself is praised for bringing in tourist revenue.
At school, were we not taught that all humans are equal? Why then must we lower ourselves in forced respect for the enemies of a republic?
Not only does the feudal system preserve unjust laws, it facilitates the creation of new ones. Elizabeth Windsor still has a role in approving laws. This unelected head of state also poses as a figurehead for our nation.
Think of the other members of the commonwealth who are also meant to suffer the rule of a foreign snob.
Refuse to let taxpayer’s money support the exorbitant expenses of the nobility.
Refuse to let the Queen undermine the elected government.
Refuse to bow in humility before this ancient inbred family.

Abolish them!!


I also downloaded a film called ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ from the Pirate Bay. I hope to watch it and seed it for the next week-or-so.

Written by Pierre

September 1, 2009 at 16:56

Posted in politick

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