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Since my last post I’ve been sort of lost as to what to write, I have a few sketches which I have yet to scan and post but the effort seems not worth it. I’m also at something of an impasse, I’ve recorded Halo 3 footage for a machinima and have found a service with which to capture it. I can’t pay for the service because I haven’t yet been issued with a card from the bank.

I have an idea for a short film which was sort of shelved a month ago and then re-entered my imagination, and is now languishing somewhere in the back of my mind.

I still have an essay to write in politics and I’m horribly tempted to churn out any old waffle just to get it over and done with. A little voice deep down is telling me that to ‘fill 2 pages’ with nonsense would just be a bad thing to do.

My room again looks like a mini-whirlwind just came through and blew everything into disarray. I still haven’t cleaned it.

I’m still waiting for my new pocket camcorder which has been delayed due to yesterday’s bank holiday. I did request another book called ‘White Niggers of America’ (in it’s original french) by Pierre Vallières which arrived. There is now a small pile of 4 unfinished books to get through.

Seeing as I don’t have much other content, I’ve still got a few pictures which I don’t belive I’ve posted yet:

What happens when you leave Facebook alone for a week.

What happens when you leave Facebook alone for a week.

Another Facebook picture of someone who has 404 pictures of themselves. By my standards that’s far too many.

Error: 404

The xbox broke while I was away… but is now working… and we don’t know why. Anyway, I’ve been forging High Ground (on Halo 3) with many teleporters, grav lifts and fusion coils while not doing what Matthieu loves to do in forge – which is to spawn about five spartan lazers, overshields and a Scorpion Tank – resulting in an overpowered explosion-fest. Using subtle changes to create large impacts on gameplay. Matthieu says it’s ‘not fun’, in which case the map has failed and must be improved until it becomes fun.


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September 1, 2009 at 16:05

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  1. I like your iterative approach to map building.


    September 2, 2009 at 08:58

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