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My first proper webcomic

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webcomic1Yesterday when I was writing my wrapup on Wings, I was also amusing myself by putting together a webcomic in the Halo 3 Theater. Unfortunately I spent about twenty minutes jotting down a really long script then completely disregarded it when it came to filling in the speech bubbles. As a result the comic isn’t nearly as funny or entertaining as it should be. But keep in mind that as my very first machinima was badly scripted and with bad voice acting; this is also no more than a first attempt. Because it’s long and thin I’ve stuck it on the left of this post otherwise it would take up too much vertical space. Oh and watch out because it’s 10 Megabytes big, if you’re on a slow internet connection you might want to consider giving it a short wait.

With the new influx of cash from the parents for my birthday I hope to either buy a super-cheap, small web server. Or I’ll pay for all the wordpress upgrades. Or I’ll rent some server space at a big server farm. Or I’ll do nothing at all, everything stays the same and I create a second blog on Blogger for Media Studies.

The advantage of having a server would be a more complicated but powerful blogging tool with more options, the ability to host video and much more space for storing that video.

I bought the Steam Indie games pack yesterday and I’m thoroughly enjoying all the games.

The sprites and landscapes on Braid are so well drawn it might as well be an interactive painting.
Audiosurf is different but welcome nonetheless.
The Path is avant-garde and just crazy enough to keep your attention.
Everyday Shooter actually has some interesting mechanics behind it which are nicely explained in the ‘notes’ section of the game menu.
I’ve played Gish the most and the multiplayer aspect is a nice touch. The ‘lives’ system and some bad level design did deter me a bit though.
Crayon Physics is what it says on the tin. It’s also beautifully drawn and although the music is nice it gets annoying after a while.
I still haven’t worked out the point to Blueberry Garden, but it looks nice so that’s okay.
Mr. Robot is a fairly standard RPG, I don’t play RPGs very much so I sort of avoided it.
And World of Goo is well deserving of merit, it is fantastic. However it’s also slightly overpriced at £16.

That’s probably the same kind of information you would have gathered from ten minutes on Google but I really want to encourage these games. They are really fantastic and it would be sad to see their creators slink away into some desk-job at an accountancy firm.


Written by Pierre

August 11, 2009 at 09:06

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  1. hahaha not that bad i think did OK job i like it keep up the good work the wii games you picked was jack up LOL

    Teddy Software Info

    August 11, 2009 at 18:44

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