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Putting the Team back into Team Fortress

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Since Matthieu’s been on holiday we’ve had daily Team Fortress 2 matches (I’m currently missing today’s match by writing this). Because we’re two people playing it’s very easy to use the teamwork apects which Team Fortress encourages. The best example of this is the Heavy-Medic pair which you’ll become increaingly familiar with if you play TF2. However, just because these two classes were engineered to be a perfect match doesn’t mean that other classes are incapable of working together to defeat an opponent, how about a Demoman-Pyro strike squad?

Me and Matthieu decided we’d work together as Engineers. Engineers are generally overlooked on Capture-The-Flag maps like 2Fort, but where they come into their element is on Payload or Control Point maps. On such maps there are normally long distances and choke points. What isn’t normally recognised is that teams of engineers can level up sentry turrets at a fantastic speed. If you can get past the initial time taken to set up a turret then you can secure a corridoor for the rest of the players to rush through and take a Control Point or move the Payload forward. Admittedly Engineers are far better at defence than attack, that’s because their role is more to provide support than to shoot other players.


We also found that Spy teams also work exceptionally well. It’s because they lull the opponent into a false sense of security. The same sort of effect can be imitated by disguising as an enemy Spy. And as Engineers we found that Spies can often inflict great acts of sabotage by disguising as Scouts, sprinting behind enemy lines and sapping all the ‘entrance’ teleporters. The reason the damage is so great is that because the teleporters aren’t two-way an Engineer can’t return to sort it out. These ‘hit and run’ sabotage attempts are normally very easy to spot but they’re so dam fast that by the time the Spy is dead the damage has already been done.

One thing which annoyed me greatly was when an exit teleporter was being sapped but players were still crowding round it trying to get through to the other side of the map. End result was that I couldn’t get through to fix the problem, the teleporter went, the players on that side of the map were stranded without support and we lost large amounts of ground; it was a full 10 minutes before we regained that territory. The rule should be that they who build the teleporter should have priority in using it.


Go Team!


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July 23, 2009 at 10:30

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