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Mah Haloes r gon!

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My Xbox threw up the E74 error after an afternoon of Halo with my friends. I tried to fix it myself, that was a huge mistake because my warranty status is now under suspicion. I carefully peeled off the warranty sticker then stuck it back on again in order to send it to Microsoft, it still looks a bit dubious though. The Xbox has been laid to rest in it’s coffin and sent off to Frankfurt today.

I was infuriatingly pissed off for about two days and that’s all I have to say on the matter.

In the meanwhile I took the opportunity to play Halo 2 again on my laptop. It still amazes me how playing it at the lowest resolution (800×600) is neverthless still better than the resolution one would have experienced on the original Xbox. And despite that, playing at 800×600 makes for a more authentic experience.
I haven’t completely given up on high resolution and used the blind skull to come up with a few screenshots with the best anti-aliasing (a pitiful 4 pixels) and best resolution (1920×1080). I messed about with them a bit in Paint.NET so if you think they look strange, that’s why. They should be in a little gallery down there:


Written by Pierre

July 20, 2009 at 16:45

Posted in gaming

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