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I watched Che: part one today, just before the film an advert for Maltesers was shown. The sound you hear afterwards is that of a great revolutionary turning slowly in his grave.
Having borrowed Che’s reminiscences of the cuban revolutionary war from a comerade in Year 10 I found the film to simplify a string of anecdotes told in the diary into scenes. Some very descriptive pieces on the hardships of living in the forest and the brutality of war weren’t emphasized in the film. Interesting is the way the film does neither glorify war by showing the bravery of the revolutionaries, nor attack it by lingering too longly on the emotional impact of their deaths.

I also saw Watchmen, which left me awestruck by it’s depth. On the surface it appears like any other superhero movie, albeit with a slightly darker tone. The brilliant thing about it is that there are no clear ‘bad guys’ until the very end of the film, it’s then that it enters the pool with the rest of the generic superhero stories, only to get straight out again with a predictable, but satisfactory ending in which the motives of the bad guys become clear and the balance of sort-of-good-sort-and-of-evil is restored. All the characters exist in some sort of murky moral grey area between good and evil, which I personally really like. The film does have some certain shocking scenes, it certainly doesn’t compare to the second-darkest superhero movie which would be the Dark Knight. The parents didn’t like to be shocked, so they regarded it with disdain. Their sense of taste may be underdeveloped, they want only simple colourful entertainment, so when I challenged them with a gritty story full of morraly corrupt characters supplemented by an artistic dystopian background it was rejected quite fast.

I have a lightly entertaining film to show them tonight: Idiocracy. It’s perfect because if they don’t ‘get’ the subtle anti-corporation undertones and satirical look on American life then they can just be content with a mildly amusing movie which when someone exclaims ‘arse’ they might give a little chuckle, despite it contravening everything the movie is about.

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July 16, 2009 at 19:08

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