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poscard from Augsburg

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For those of you wondering why I’ve been silent for so long, I’m on a German exchange in Augsburg. I’ve been attempting to document my stay by uploading vlogs to Vimeo and posting them on twitter. The problem is that twitter is buggy and that my internet access depends on stealing the ethernet cable from my exchange’s computer (this is due to the failiure of an O2 dongle, I won’t bore you with the details).
I found my exchange a little strange. Somewhat reminiscent of Brucie from GTA IV. He has a family structure to which I am totally foreign. All this can be explained however with the two facts that his father is a Jazz musician and he has a blood disease which makes his parents overprotective.

I’m living not far from Fergus’s exchange partner which is only slightly tolerable becuse Fergus doesn’t act like such a moron when he’s on his own. To cite an example when we visited Ulm today he bought several packets of nutmeg, ran up to Nate, Niall and Me and played the harmonica while shaking his bags of nutmeg. Embarassed, we tried to ignore him but he followed us playing his harmonica until another poor sod got his attention. Interestingly enough he’s actually not mentally retarded in any way: he can just be a bit of a dick at times.

Apparently lined up for me at home is the EasyCAP dongle, an Xbox 360 controller condom and a converted fixed-wheel bike. I’m quite anxious to get back, not because I miss my family, but because life here is too temporary and uncertain.

I negelcted again to write a diary or travel-log so the next time I write will probably be in about a week’s time on an unrelated topic.
I think that’s all I have to report, I’ve got to go now.


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July 7, 2009 at 17:27

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