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On the relative lack of posts,  I’ve been trying to write some sort of Vlog rant about why video games are art. You’ll have to bear with me because my script is all chewed up and I do end up saying the same thing several times but worded differently. So I’m working on it. I also spent a large majority of yesterday passed out in a state of semi-consciousness on the floor of my bedroom listening to various old radio comedies on the BBC iPlayer. I have a threshold of discomfort after which I’m just not up for doing anything. The stifling heat yesterday kept me in a constant cycle of wanting to go to sleep but never quite achieving it because it was so damn hot.
I also stuck down the tablecloth to my desk with duct tape, now it doesn’t move or brush against my legs.

On to some gaming news: Serious Sam HD has actually been re-done and now it looks sort of modern. It’s almost like a new game, if you can overlook the fact that all the characters, guns and story have all been seen before.

Worms 2: Armageddon has been announced for Xbox LIVE Arcade. In totally ruining the naming convention, I’m not sure whether it refers to this game or this one. Not only that but it follows on from Worms 4: Mayhem (which itself was wrongly named because there wasn’t a Worms 3, only Worms 3D which doesn’t count). So ignoring the name, what does this have different from Worms XBLA? Well it has fire, it has a new weapon, it has a weak form of avatar support and Worms now have a form of A.I which changes their cries depending on the situation (if I drop a stick of dynamite next to a worm it will look at it and scream something like ‘Oh noes, dynamite!’). Unfortuantely the original Worms was largely ignored by the parents but it was a lot of fun.

Battelfield: 1943 has got a date of release which is around June 9th give or take a few days. It’s not on the official game website and I’m not quite sure, but I should be in Germany at the time so it won’t bother me too much.


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June 30, 2009 at 07:36

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