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I stayed up last night and some of this morning reading this and I’m a bit tired. In theory I’m free to do what I please as these are the holidays but in practice I’m pretty much bound to waking up at 7:00 every morning, eating breakfast with everyone else and waiting until they leave to do something useful (like this). I’m constantly reminded that my time is not my own when Christine does things like arranging work for me without my consent. They are incapable of leaving me alone.

In the meantime I made another ‘digital collage’ working on the techniques I learnt in my last photo dump:


That image was pulled together from various things I found on Google Images and I consider it fair use as it’s a remix. In the interest of fair use and copyright blah blah blah, this image is available for remixing by anyone else who wants it. If you give your email in the comments I can send you the Paint.NET file or a Photoshop file. All the images on there are separate layers so you can add stuff and move stuff around as you see fit.
I regularly carry out mass deletions on my hard drive to purge it of any crap I may have accumulated. The source file of this image might be gone in a few weeks so any requests ASAP.

I discovered some hardware which allows me to capture the analogue video output from the Xbox on my laptop in digital format. Specifically devices which convert the analogue video cables to USB. I found two:

Pinnacle Video Transfer – £84

EasyCAP Audio& Video Capture Adapter – £12

The ridiculously expensive Pinnacle hardware might be a ripoff but I’m guaranteed it’ll work. The cheap dongle might not work as well or not work at all.
If I do get anything like this I’ll try posting up more of my game footage, it’s something I’ve been longing to do for a while.


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June 28, 2009 at 09:13

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