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Serious Sam HD

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Recently announced is a port of Serious Sam to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The graphics are given a slight polishing and the resolution is bumped up to high-defenition (1920×1080).

This is annoying because I bought Serious Sam II for the original Xbox hoping it would work on a 360. It didn’t. In fact Serious Sam 1 on the original Xbox is forwards compatible but the sequel isn’t. Why don’t they work on a patch for making the Xbox 360 a bit more backwards-compatible? I already pay £40 a year for a Gold subscription, Microsoft must be rolling in cash, the least they can do is let me play a few more old games.
Don’t they get it? I don’t want to pay an extra £10 to download a ‘fixed’ game which I could have already bought an uncompatible second-hand physical copy of for half the price!


That argument also works for Original Xbox downloadable titles. I generally steer clear of them (despite my burning desire to one day play Psychonauts) for the unshakeable feeling that it’s a huge ripoff.

Hopefully better and more original Xbox emulation, digital distribution of next-gen games, the re-branding of Xbox Community games (made with XNA), the separation of various non-payable downloads (mostly patches and updates) from the Xbox Marketplace and integration with other completely unrelated sites like Facebook and Twitter will fix most of my concerns.

That said if I have the money and time to play, I’ll buy Serious Sam HD anyway, if only to satisfy my curiosity. I didn’t play the Serious Sam games when they came out and I think I missed something good in gaming history, right up there with Unreal Tournament 2004 and Quake III.


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June 25, 2009 at 19:45

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