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The recent election of 2 BNP MEPs and the inhuman detention and subsequent deportation of several cleaners from the School of Oriental and African Studies has brought back to light the issue of Nationalism. British nationalism at it’s present stage is a mix of Islamophobia , hatred of immigrants and an over-emphasized view of the Monarchy (God save the Queen ect…). This form of nationalism is negative but easy to identify as racist. More dangerous is American or French nationalism which mixes with patriotism and is difficult for politicians to counter. If one does not love their country then nobody will vote for them, even if such ardent flag worship is a cover for racism.

My argument here is that nationalism and patriotism need not be racist. A love of the country should be instilled in every citizen of the nation. It provides national unity and national identity. Such things are highly significant in building a strong nation. The right wing parties and the bosses use nationalism to divide the common man. What is needed is for citizens to unite as a nation against those who conspire to divide them. Once divided, groups fight amongst themselves and become weak.

Once that is understood I’ll show you how to achieve national unity when the revolution comes:
What must be done is to open the borders, all those who want to live in Britain will be granted passports and full citizenship. The reason for this is that immigration controls are racist by their very nature. The conditions are that the new citizens respect our laws and pay tax. It goes almost without saying that those who oppose the immigrants on the grounds of race are enemies of the state and are free to leave if they so wish. Those who stay would have to comply with all the laws against racial hatred which we have in place.


Another criticism levelled at foreigners is that they take the jobs. The ‘indigenous’ population does not want to compete for the right to work. In some senses they are correct. It is a failing of the government if there are not enough jobs, not only that but the solution is blindingly simple: create more jobs. It’s a mantra which Gordon Brown has been repeating since the banker’s demise but hasn’t effectively put into action. The reason is that in making radical decisions, no profit is immediately guaranteed and neoliberal politicians are reluctant to do things which don’t make profit.
Since I’m on the topic, I’ll propose a town-building programme and the set up of renewable energy and agricultural projects across the nation. This would solve the lack of housing, jobs and food. It is a great lie spread by the mainstream parties that there is ‘not enough room’ in Britain for migrants. There are more empty houses in London than homeless people: Something is very badly wrong here. Britain’s agriculture too is facing a sad slow death brought on by supermarkets and the need to compete with cheaper food from other countries.

I was impressed by Milton Keynes, it could be done again. Invite the most talented and radical city planners to design an utopic city from scratch. It would be an opportunity to try out new ideas like car-free streets combined with tramway systems and to have every roof tiled with solar panels. Lay down new rail routes and convert the ageing diesel train fleet to electricity. Set up new factories which make bicycles and become the world leader in bicycle manufacture. It is possible. The  farmer’s markets should be encouraged and the supermarkets strangled. Ideas of vertical-farming could be put into practice.
There are ideas for creating jobs, housing, reforming electricity and agriculture. They’re a bit too simple and vague but I’m trying to make them as easy as possible to explain. The money to fund these projects would initially come from the Ministry of Defence’s replacement of the trident nuclear ICBMs (roughly £100 billion). Assuming the influx of migrants would be controlled over a 3 year period the economic growth created by the first wave of would be enough to support the second wave and once they were stable enough to start paying tax the state could support them and after a while they would be integrated into society.


I recognise that the term national-socialist has already been sullied by Hitler and Fascism. But then again so has our flag been sullied by the racists who use it as their banner.

Anyone who wants to know more, I encourage you to watch the debate between Billy Bragg and Marith Smith at Marxism 2007. It’s 53 minutes long but it’s terrifically interesting.


Written by Pierre

June 19, 2009 at 10:22

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