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I went to the right to work conference on Saturday and I recognise I’ve been late responding to Fergus’s comments. So here goes:
First off with studying Government and Politics for A-Level. The course itself might appear bland or useless, but what it does do is give me enough knowledge of the political system to stand my ground in a debate. The complex and deep ideas which make up the kind of ‘academic politics’ require a specific vocabulary and a history. I can examine other ideas at various political meetings and gatherings in my own time. The course should be thought of as providing a useful background. The example is given that someone shouldn’t have to acquire such a qualification to pursue a career in politics. I agree with that, I’m not doing the course for the qualification and the basic ideas are easy to understand. It gets tricky when I encounter the difficult ideas, the nasty abstract ones which take a while to digest and a long bit of study to fully understand. It’s pointed out that anyone with an interest in politics should already know how first-past-the-post works (we did learn it in citizenship after all). This is also true, I went to the government and politics taster session and the people there didn’t seem particularly interested. That’s their loss.
Secondly it’s argued that the egging of the BNP leader Nick Griffin wasn’t justified because it restricts his right to free speech – something which in itself is a fascist act. Fascism is a synonym of sorts for totalitarianism and dictatorship. The argument here is that to restrict the platform for hate mongers is to stoop to their level. The acceptable policy seems to be to ignore the racists and hope they leave. That policy is not effective, not only that but now that the BNP are officially elected they are tolerated and the issue over free speech now shows that the establishment holds them with some kind of respect. Of course it’s a lot more complicated than the general image promoted by Unite Against Fascism to present the BNP as the ‘bad guys’ (there is no clear-cut defenition of good and evil corresponding to socialism and conservatism).Nick Griffin Giving the BNP influence of any kind will only end in racism. In my opinion, racism is bad. We have laws against the spreading of racial hatred – they impede on free speech but most people find them perfectly reasonable. There is another quote from I known not who that personal freedom is granted only up to the point at which it comes into conflict with another’s freedom. Nick Griffin’s right to free speech conflicts with the other human right to be free from racial persecution and therefor it’s justified to restrict it.
Unite-Against-Fascism also mounted an assault on him when he tried to speak in Manchester on Friday although it wasn’t reported in the news.

Thirdly I recognise that ‘mightyeric’ will never see that I have quoted his ignorance as his was a YouTube comment and this is a blog.


Written by Pierre

June 14, 2009 at 21:47

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  1. I know that you are aware mightyerick will not see what you wrote, however there was another commenter that seemed to think he would, I was talking to him. Here he is : http://www.youtube.com/user/Mightyerick – the white supremacist community on youtube is really quite depressing. I hadn’t realised that you were actually taking gov’t and politics and did not mean to be rude – I reckon you will find it easy and be frustrated by the ignorance of your classmates. I considered taking it but realised i would have to go to cricket road for it, so I took English instead… One effective action against the BNP would be to take them for court for being a white’s only organisation, which absolutely is against anti-discrimination laws. Nick Griffin was tried for racial hatred a while back but unfortunately found not-guilty.


    June 17, 2009 at 00:05

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