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Dear Mr. Balls

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I just sent an email to Ed Balls detailing the main problems I have with the education system. I admit it was written quite hastily but if I would have spent more time creating a coherent argument I would never have mustered up the courage to send it.

Dear Edward Balls,

I’ve just finished taking my GCSE exams and I found them ineffective at representing the things I have learnt over the last two years. In order to get the highest grades I had to study more exam technique than the subject which was being examined. This is wrong because the exams become a barrier to my natural instinct to learn.
Another failure I noticed was that although a GCSE passed at a D grade is recognised by the government as a pass; my sixth-form only let in applicants with grade C or over. This gives credibility to ridiculous social rules which dictate within the school that any grade nearing a C can be considered by the teacher as a fail. This is simply untrue but it persists in many secondary schools up and down the country.
Also the IT teaching in school is very bad, the students in our class knew more than the teacher. At Year 11 they were still teaching us how to use google. Any child with a computer connected to the internet learns this in the first twenty minutes at most. As Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families you are responsible for my education and I want you to take these concerns into account.

Yours Faithfully,
Pierre Marshall

I looked him up and he was educated at a private secondary school, after that he went on study at Oxford and Harvard. He went on to become economic leader writer at the financial times then economic advisor to Gordon Brown.
He’s not the right man to be responsible for my education.


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June 12, 2009 at 11:26

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