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Tea bag Obama

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In this post on the Oxford Left Alternative blog, there’s what seems to be a letter by Michael Moore about the new Conservative practice of using teabags as a symbol against Obama’s tax reforms. I can’t find that letter on Michael Moore’s site so I can’t link it directly. In sending tea bags through the mail I suppose they’re trying to make some allusion to the Boston Tea party which was led against tax reforms way back in American history. Don’t ask me for any more details – it’s American history.

Reluctant to get into the politics of this, I just wanted to point out that the term ‘teabagging’ has already reached wide usage in the Video Gaming community. In fact, it first came about as a phenomenon in Halo: Combat Evolved, whereby players would stand over the bodies of their enemies and spam the left analogue stick to make the player crouch repeatedly. You can tell that I’m trying to explain it to non-gamers. The effect of the repeated crouching motion is a ‘humping’ action which is considered the ultimate humiliation for Halo players.
By now I know that your estimation of Halo players just dropped several notches below immature. Well a lot of weird things grow on the internet and if that surprises you then you’re in for a shock later on. The conservatives may not have realised this when they pledged to ‘teabag Obama’. I’ll leave you with the image while I go read up about the Boston Tea Party. Although it’s not tested in the GCSEs so there’s no worth in learning about it.

Another example of Gaming terminology reaching widespread use: ‘Noob’ was announced as the millionth word of the Inglish language. All that remains is to integrate leetspeak into the alphabet.


Written by Pierre

June 10, 2009 at 07:35

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  1. boston tea party – what a waste of perfectly good tea, eh?


    June 10, 2009 at 21:45

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