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Christine went to vote in the European and Local elections, she voted for one Labour councillor, one Green councillor and for the Greens in the European elections. She was wondering if she could vote – what with her being French and the immigration services refusing her UK nationality. The answer to this is simple of course: vote for a party which would have less stringent dare I say racist immigration policies. As far as I’m concerned we should just open our borders and let anyone in as long as they obey our laws. But no (mainstream) politician is likely to take up that view seeing as I’m quite radical.

Right, well enough about immigratin and nationalisation, that’s for another time. We spoke to the local Green councillor outside the polling building and he was a real snob. I’ve finished what could be called the ‘bible’ of climate change books so I should have been able to ask him if he would carry out the basic things necessary (ban cars from town centres, regulate industrial wasteage, refuse to collaborate with oil and car companies). That sort of thing. I was struck dumb when Christine tried to persuade him that Turkey shouldn’t be allowed into the European Union and he asked her what she thought. It’s like he’s taking election tips from Rashida Dati. Rule number one: if a voter asks you a question, do not ask them the question back. He kept talking about his ‘personal’ views but that the Green party has no official stance on it. And that’s really the problem with most of the Green party in the first place: it’s a single issue party in a democratic system which nearly never holds referendums and uses the archaic method of first-past-the-post.

He will stare at you quiety until you leave.

He will quietly stare at you until you leave.

He was dressed in a pressed white shirt, creased black trusers and a tie. He looked like the typical beaucratic wanker who I want to eradicate from the halls of government. Although I don’t dislike him just because of his shirt, if everyone judged policitans on what they said than what they looked like then neo-liberal disasters like Tony Blair might have been averted. No, a second more realistic reason to dislike him is his daughter. I noticed that she was helping him with his political canvassing although she seemed to be just sitting there listening to her iPod and vaguely smiling at people coming by. If my parents did anything as exciting as stand for councillor I would at least show a little enthusiasm. She also seemed to be wearing school uniform, I was stumped as to which school it represented but I wasn’t going to find out because prolonged staring at a lady’s skirt could cause her father to make unhappy sounds, also plainly asking “Does your incredibly hot daughter go to a private school?” might cause offense. Generally don’t vote for people who send their children to private schools because they’re less likely to support the State-funded schools which me and Matthieu attend.

I did ask him whether he would introduce a congestion charge in the town centre if he was given power and he said he would, and then he said that actually he should put it on the ring road, and then he mumbled something about public transport being too expensive and not enough cycle routes. I doubt that he actually will introduce anything radical if he’s elected because he’s probably too cautious and it wouldn’t pass the scrutiny of his affluent fashionably left-liberal pool of voters. Still, I would love to be proved wrong.

He’s certainly far off from the loudly-cussing unshaven representative of the Green Party I met on a Climate Change march earlier on.


Although he was probably a luckier bet than the Labour candidate. As of today the Labour party are officially waste, that little stunt (see link) will probably kill any chance of them winning seats in the Local and European elections, all that remains is for them all to announce that they’ve given up existing after the General election.


After searching the dam guy on the Oxford Greens website I learn that he has a blog. Which I shall subscribe to.


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June 4, 2009 at 19:46

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  1. If you want to link a post without a title, click on ‘leave a comment’ at the top and the url should have a date and post number: https://claagnut.wordpress.com/0000/00/00/000/#comments
    Delete the #comments and what remains is the link to my post.
    I know it’s not perfect but I can’t think of titles for all my posts.

    And yeah, that guy was Chris Goddard.


    June 7, 2009 at 09:14

  2. Having no title means I cannot link to just this post. You need to put titles….


    June 5, 2009 at 08:21

  3. I love your blog posts pierre. You could have mentioned the chaps name at least. I dont think its Chris Goodall, it must say on the leaflet thingy.


    June 5, 2009 at 08:03

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