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I’ve just watched a bunch of videos by a group who in response to the MP’s expenses scandal sent an activist to go and take their own personal form of protest. Here’s what I mean:

They noticed one MP had paid exporbiant sums for landscaping. So, in the spirit of protest he went to have a picnic on the MP’s beautifully landscaped lawn. At one point he rang on the manor doorbell because he needed to go to the toilet but got no reply. I presume he just pissed in the MP’s large pond instead.

He went along to Jaqui Smith’s first home to put up a blue plaque which read “right Honourable Jaqui Smith. Lived here 2008 – present. Best known for claiming expenses on her barbeque and husband’s porn films”.

One MP had claimed more that £1,600 in window-cleaning expenses over one year. He went to clean her windows for free and left a note telling her that her windows were clean and there was no use wasting taxpayers money cleaning them again.

He found the richest MP in the UK who recieved massive bribes from an oil company. Apparently he spent too much money on his gardening so our little campaigner planted a money tree and a pound sign (£) structure in his lawn.


Unlike our government I wouldn’t say that any of those activites are terrorism (unless you’re an MP). Of course it’s not the same as flying a plane into a skyscraper or indiscriminately blowing up buses. Those are examples of dissent which is counter-productive. However this little affair makes me think of the research I did on the Front de Liberation de Quebec. After the original terrorist cells had split up, some individuals took up the torch of revolution and firebombed 7 MacDonalds. One one hand that was really irresponsible and some people might have been hurt and they could have obtained their aims peacefully ect… But on the other hand have you ever had the urge to just blow up a MacDonalds? It represents the symbolic destruction of capitalism. It’s absolutely brilliant, and a bit crazy. But most importantly it’s creative dissent.

I could go on: the protester who approached Peter Mandelson and threw green goo at him while the BBC were watching.

The fathers4justice campaign in which some guys dressed up as batman and robin and scaled Buckingham Palace. They hung their banner on a balcony and stayed there for 5 hours.


This kind of dissent is full of crazy ideas and thinking out-of-the-box. Hey! This year let’s not have another protest march, why don’t we dress up as wombles and tell people not to litter? We could tow away every Sport-Utility-Vehicle we see and leave a note telling the owners to get a bike instead! Onwards with the revolution. I’ve got to go revise for a chemistry exam tomorrow.


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June 3, 2009 at 14:03

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