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Here’s just a list of game remakes which are made with the Source engine:

  • Black Mesa: Source. A remake of Half-Life 1 using the source engine. I know that HL1 has already been ported to source but that straight conversion sucked and had no advantages over the old version.
  • Goldeneye: Source. A remake of Goldeneye for N64, updated graphics, awesomeness.
  • Mario Kart: Source. Seems to stick to the colourful arcade nintendo-style and looks impressive.

You’ll have to take note that all of those are completely built from scratch.

Dam, now come to think of it I never did try out SourceForts. I’ll give it a look at the next opportunity (Thursday 6th June – last exam).
Did anyone see the Left4Dead 2 footage? That looks worth money. On the downside it’s put me off playing Left4Dead because there’s always a niggling doubt that a better sequel is coming in a while and I should save my time.

In the meanwhile I finished Jonathan Neale’s book ‘Stop Climate Change Save the World’. It was difficult to read but full of really really intersting concepts which even I couldn’t convey in writing. I suppose it should be similar to Richard Seymour’s ‘Liberal Defence of Murder’ which is full of insanely difficult political ideas which take a whole career in politics to fully understand. Maybe I’ll read that next.

For laughs here’s an unrelated image I made in Gmod a while back but was reluctant to publish:



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June 3, 2009 at 17:01

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