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I did German listening and Business Studies yesterday. They were supposed to be at the same time so I took the Business test about 5 minutes after the German one. I’ve done a 3 hour exam streak before – when I did my French A-Level. But this was different because they were two different subjects and you have to change from thinking about German to thinking about Business. Not only that but I forgot I needed a calculator for Business but I hadn’t taken it out of my bag for German and when the Business test started I knew that I needed a calculator and I knew that it was in my bag. Then I asked for a calculator from the invigilator and she gave me two. Two calculators which I may hasten to add were completely broken. Eventually I was able to borrow one off Harry to whom I extent my warmest gratitude. When I got out of the exam I asked around and uncovered that actually I got the question wrong because it was the current ratio and I hadn’t put it in ratio form. That’s what pressure does to you, it blocks you from thinking properly.

When it was all over I went to summertown and bought the paper, an off sandwich (it was on the ‘reduced for quick sale’ shelf) and some chips. I had planned as a dare to go to watch Hannah Montana with some friends at the cinema but I only wanted to go on condition that I wasn’t the only boy in the cinema. The guy who issued the dare in the first place eventually agreed to go but by then my brain had melted under pressure and I was tired to the point I was in no condition to go anywhere but my bed or my desk. The reason I was so tired was because Matthieu wanted to watch Gladiatress and sort of dragged me along, I gave up after a while and went to plunder the depths of Facebook and was persuaded by someone to re-download skype so that I could explain exactly what was wrong with the education system face-to-face.

Unfortunately this soon degraded because I’m a better writer than a public speaker so I just gave a quick tour of my room using the power of video. I tried explaining the reasons why computer game violence doesn’t affect teenagers half as much as adults think it does (in fact the large majority of what we do can be attributed to an overdose of hormones. And that’s a process which happens naturally which we have absolutely no control over).  I was even ready to explain large chunks of game theory.  But as always it returned to showing the transition from ‘the Sims’ (which girls love for some unknown reason) to ‘Halo 2’ (which received the female verbal equivalent of someone vomiting on the screen).

Christine also woke me up every morning at 6:30 for no reason whatsoever. Now it’s Saturday and my body clock aligned to waking up at 6:30 which I did really punctually but to my surprise Christine was still asleep. She even came to me after the exam and in an attempt to comfort me said “don’t worry if you’ve failed: you can always take it again next year”. She came back about ten minutes later with “Actually it doesn’t matter if you fail with only Bs and Cs, look at Peter, he only got Bs and Cs and he’s got a great job!”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was actually making me feel worse.

If you put me under pressure I will just dislike you more and more.

In my semi-depressed state I made some commemorative images of the Spy and Sniper updates in Team Fortress 2. It’s said that artists make better art when they’re in states of emotional unrest. In which case teenagers would be perfect artists because we’re always experiencing mood swings and are incredibly emotional.

This is what the Spy image looks like as a desktop background. The original is avaliable here.


The Sniper picture wasn’t as good, I tried doing a Spy versus Sniper one but it failed on account of Team Fortress props in Gmod doing odd things when the head is the only thing locking a prop in place. I think it’s got something to do with the model physics: they’re totally unrealistic and when taken out of Team Fortress 2 they look unbalanced and silly. It might be because of the new engine but It’s too much hassle to download the Left4Dead props to find out.


Hopefully I’ll have the time to update more because the first heat of exams is over and I’ve got a week of ‘revision-at-home’ otherwise known as ‘holidays’.


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May 23, 2009 at 13:01

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  1. The Sims is amazing and actually teaches life skills… Halo 2 is a killing game… I’m not sure the montessori method would approve … Thankyou for downloading skype though 🙂


    May 24, 2009 at 11:57

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