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I was just checking engadget and I found something which would come in very handy. A box which converts analogue composite video to something which my PC monitor will pick up. This was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to buy the original Xbox. Anyway, it’ll be redundant soon because HDMI will be the new single univeral video standard. 30 fps @ 10801920  resolution. Unfortunately our monitors are all old and I still don’t know what converter I need to use the video capture input on one of our PCs. It would be very useful for Machinima.

Burnout Paradise is getting a new island (as rumoured since the first DLC started coming out) with all extra stuff added and a new car. I’m still cautious because last time I bought a car, it meant I had to take it down. i had 2 cars to take down and took down the wrong one. Then I spent a whole 20 minutes aimlessly driving around Paradise City waiting for the ‘rumm rummmmm’ sound of a racing car engine but to no avail. I could ether accept that I’ve lost however many microsoft points it was worth or play the game as much as possible to unlock the car which I paid money for. Of course Burnout Paradise is currently in the hands of Andriy but I’ll get it back for the Downloadable Content which comes out June 11th. I think.


Written by Pierre

May 23, 2009 at 12:16

Posted in gaming

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