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Yesterday I tried out the one-man canoes from the canoe club with Peter. It was absolute mayhem – which is pretty good for a sortie in those canoes because I didn’t actually fall in. I had a run in with a rowing boat which seemed to be coxed by a drunk. After a while the wind picked up I practically sailed upriver to the Univeristy boathouses by which time Peter was convinced that I had fallen in and was considering going back to help me. I was literally in sight of the boathouses when a sudden gust pushed me into the bank. And it started raining. Once I finally got out of the boat the wind made it nigh impossible to get away from the bank. I eventually set off side on to the river and picked a time when the wind had died down a bit to launch into a crazy rush for the far bank, which I achieved quite well. On the way back I made a portage at another boathouse near 2 low bridges and it was fairly uneventful. I did without an improvised knee rest in the misguided impression that it would improve my stability. As a result my right knee feels like it’s been crushed. Pulling off from the bank I almost tipped over and grabbed the side in an attempt to stabilise myself. However on the side was a large bolt which smashed my left thumb and left a bruise. As a result of all the instability I put unreasonable amounts of constant stress on my core stomach muscles so as soon as I got off the water I vomited a bit (but swallowed it) and felt nauseous for the rest of the day.

After that I played Team Fortress 2 in an attempt to cheer myself up and due to my sore wrist was killed 8 times in a row. Eventually on Turbine I camped as heavy near the ‘flood area’ Control Point on Tc_Hydro and got loads of kills.

I grabbed the people who killed me:



I also finished a brilliant film today called The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb. Without revealing the plot

There’s a 10-ish cm short boy called tom thumb born in a small house, he’s looked after by a kind father until some man in a suit takes him away and puts him in a laboratory. He escapes the laboratory with a friendly creature who is then killed by other people who are the same height as Tom and see the creature as an outcast. A warrior then takes pity on Tom and takes him into his home where he sort-of explains his hatred of humans. Then he blows up his own house and seeks out a human to kill, he finds Tom’s father’s friends and poisons them with a dart, meanwhile Tom’s father has lost Tom’s mother and has gone with another woman. He learns of his friend’s poisoning and recognizes it to be the work of Tom, he goes out to meet him and Tom and his father are reunited, the other warrior guy comes along too. Then Tom’s father’s friend comes back and sees Tom, Tom’s father and his friend get into a fight which ultimately results in Tom’s father’s death. In the meantime Tom and his warrior friend escapes to the man who kidnapped Tom to take him to the laboratory in the first place, they sedate him and then I think he dies. Then they go to the laboratory and get inside some sort of lightning chamber and it blows up. Then in a perfect universe a normal-sized Tom is born with a father who looks similar, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Highlight that to read it. It sure was a mouthful.

Tomorrow I’ve got an English exam, which is probably why this post is so disjointed.


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May 18, 2009 at 20:55

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