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I’m exporting the first episode of a short (40-ish seconds) machinima/film merge. I’m taking some time off while it’s processing to tell you about it.
My camera mount was on my bike when it was stolen and it wasn’t on there when I recovered it, so most of the shots in that short were taken though sellotaping my camera to an appropriate solid object. I spent a whole week writing a script which sucked so bad when it was acted out that the story just petered out into a vague notion that there was a refugee and that he fell from the sky. And he’s one of the rebels in Half-Life 2. That and the fact that it’s a totally neat tech demo.

And I’ve read that book about game design. It’s full of complex and interesting ideas which everyone who plays videogames should be aware of.

Tomorrow there’s the school prom. People are vying for the title of ‘Prom King and Queen’ – which could easily be replaced by ‘Biggest dicks in the school’. Meanwhile I will attend the Socialist Worker’s meeting at the pub. Life goes on.

I’ve been listening to Skyclad. Odd band but they’ve got a thing going and I can’t quite tell what that ‘thing’ is but I like it. For now anyway.

I’ll upload that video to Vimeo tomorrow and link it after school (it’s in off-peak broadband time).


Written by Pierre

May 5, 2009 at 20:46

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  1. I dug it.


    May 6, 2009 at 07:57

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