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I went ahead and bought Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946. Whether or not that was a good decision I shall not know until I play it. However in the meantime I’ve been searching around for what Oleg Maddox (maker of Il-2 Sturmovik) has been doing since 2007. It was 2 years ago after all. Anyway, I found 3 games:

  1. Storm of War: Battle of Britain. No clue about this, just Oleg posted a development diary about it. Then it magically disappeared and I can’t find it in shops or on Steam.
  2. Theatre of War. Prompting this hilarious yootoob video.
  3. Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. A console-based sequel of the flight sim series.

I can guess that Ubisoft must have at some point bought the rights to the name Il-2 Sturmovik. Then they ditched Oleg to go take the flight sim onto popular consoles. Which they did marvelously with Blazing Angels. Oleg’s previous publisher: 1C decided to get him to make a srategy game – Theatre of War. Then at the same time, he also began work on another flight simulator – Battle of Britain, which is also being published by Ubisoft. Oh, and 1C’s website is showing a game called ‘Men of War’ which looks pretty much the same as ‘Theatre of War’ except with no mention whatsoever of Mr. Maddox. The worst thing about this whole situation is that all I want is a game ‘made by Oleg Maddox’. And he’s like the devil of the internet. He’s hidden himself so deep that not even the most determined fan can work out what his next game will be. Maybe he’s just plotting world domination in a hut somewhere in the Balkans.


Written by Pierre

March 21, 2009 at 09:23

Posted in gaming, life

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