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I’ve dug myself a little hole unfortunately. This week I had my German Speaking exam and I thought to celebrate by spending some of the cash I’ve been hoarding. And this weekend, the rest of the family has dispersed to attend far-flung events. They even let me borrow the credit card which is surprising because for a long while whenever I’ve wanted to spend the money I earn they’ve just refused. I had an argument with Peter on Friday so that might be why he’s trusting me with the credit card all of a sudden. And yet here I am with £50 cash in hand, Peter’s credit card and I’m not sure quite what to do. I’ve know for a long time that there are certain games which crop up again and again as all-time-best-games nobody-knows-about-but-me. Supposedly I should just sit back and relax and buy whatever is on htat list. I’ve had my eye on ‘Aquaria’ for some time, but I’m not prone to buying something if the value isn’t good. I’ll never regret having spent £0.67 on the original Half-Life as it was the most fun I’d had in a long time for about as little money as possible without it being completely free. There are still restrictions of course, there’s still a sale on Unreal Tournament but I’ll honour my parent’s wishes to not buy 18-rated games. Which also applies to Bioshock, and Left 4 Dead. So I’m just browsing Steam to look for the gems. Games which you never knew existed. They’re doing a push to sell ‘indie’ games and I’ve just come across this description for Coil:

An experimental “autobiographical” game that plays out more like a song or painting then an actual “game”. I was basically trying to create an experience that put the player into an open minded space and let them question not only what the game was about, but what a game can actually be.
Coil uses mouse movements only, no keys or clicking is involved at all.

An this is from the man who made Gish? It is, however my type of game. And then there’s the mainstream run-of-the mill adventure games which involve lots of action and they’re basically just rubbish:

At the end of 19th Century, dark forces shade the world once again. A brave agent, experienced in exorcism and combat, comes to face the oncoming evil, and fight loathsome supernatural monsters and horrific spawns of black magic. In the role of the agent, it’s your quest to combat evil forces and to face a dark warlock of the ancient times and stop his plan to capture powerful artifacts of black magic.

Actually I take that back, they’re not rubbish, they’re just simple games which are easy to make. It’s difficult to make a game which is sophisticated and subtle. I do myself enjoy simple games which work around basic principles (see: Unreal Tournament). But not today. Today I’ll find a special game.


Written by Pierre

March 21, 2009 at 08:45

Posted in gaming

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