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I just watched the Space Shuttle dock with the International Space Station. The cosmonauts spent like 20 minutes making sure that they were properly docked and people were saying stuff on the radio. It was really cool. And the radio was all crackly like it should be. Thanks to the internet I witnessed a moment of history with might not come again. I mean, how many others can say that they’ve seen the Space Shuttle dock with the Space Station?

UPDATE: They’ve actually been checking for leaks. I wonder when one cosmonaut is finally going to get out of the shuttle into the space station. Or maybe they already have. All I can see is the very un-useful nose of the shuttle, and it’s VERY boring.

This bald guy in a jumpsuit just floated onto the screen. The camera has changed to be inside the shuttle. I can see people floating about and stuff now. Cool.


Written by Pierre

March 17, 2009 at 21:58

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