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pamphlet This is a leaflet I got on Friday while in town (I was shopping for plasticine). It’s from the Oxford Green Party I think. What I know about the Green Party can be summed up like this: The leader of the Oxford Green Party is a bitter man who uses the word ‘fuck’ a lot, he’s really opinionated and a bit arrogant (I talked to him over coffee at the National Climate March).

And that the Greens managed to block the building of a campsite for ‘travelers’ – Gypsies, Roma, whatever you want to call them. The reason they blocked this? Apparently it was to be built on a swamp area inhabited by a rare type of frog. Also proposed was a road which would lead from a housing development straight to a school. At the moment the only way to access the school is by way of a Victorian bridge which only lets one car through at a time. That bridge isn’t big enough to let a fire engine through, what were to happen if the school set fire? Another road was absolutely necessary. The way I justify this is by saying that is wasn’t really a ‘Green’ issue at all. It was just the elitist bourgeoisie who think their house value will fall if gypsies live next to them. They did everything they could to stop the council turning a wasteland into a useful social building. The Greens rushed to their aid in claiming that the wasteland was a site of Special Scientific Interest and should be renamed ‘town green’ to protect it.

I totally agree that we should impose sanctions on companies who pollute, aerosols should be banned from common sale and there should be a factory built to churn out wind turbines as fast as they do cars. The green agenda has shown itself to be an integral part of the Socialist Manifesto. However it’s very vulnerable to influence from bourgeois-bohemes. Upper-Middle class pricks who are ‘fashionably green’. They drive 3 km to the out-of-town supermarket in their 4X4 to buy organic apples and they swear at the lonely cyclist in the rain on the way back. Renaud has a fantastic description of this new class and I’ve been thinking about his words for a while. He makes sense, he really does. One-issue parties are a good thing and I do think that our political system should exist not on a left-right scale, it should be a multi-threaded (that’s right, I advocate proportional representation) tug-of-war between people who want less gun control and people who want more cyclists. The green party is a neat idea, but it’s policies are taken by other parties, it’s support base of hippies is rapidly being replaced by a middle-class army who warp it’s core ideals and lastly, the leader of the Green Party in Oxford is a nutter.

Oh and on that point, being a vegetarian is a good thing for the environment and global food stocks. It is. We should all eat less meat. There’s a case for using mountain pastures on which to raise cows/goats/sheep/pigs and humans will always eat meat. We should just eat less of it. That’s not an extreme solution, it’s a sensible one.

I make no apology for publishing the member’s telephone numbers and mail addresses on the internet. If you’re willing to hand it out to random strangers in town, you shouldn’t be afraid of giving it out to random strangers on the internet.


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March 15, 2009 at 11:02

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