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My last post was rather rudely interrupted by Peter.

I went to a protest yesterday against the loss of 850 factory worker’s jobs in Cowley. I swear it looked like around 1,000 people when we were all marching and shouting. Apparently it was only 80. It goes to show how you can be all marching and shouting and you think the whole world’s behind you and actually you’re just one of a bunch of moaning communists traipsing round the town centre and annoying bus drivers. In any case, it was fun, I made my views heard by shouting them loud and clear. Workers of the world united, we cannot be defeated!

Just wondering though, what caused me to become so caring about the running of the country. The current government enacted massacres in the Middle-East, but I’ll be damned if the majority of the UK votes the Socialist Worker’s party into power.
Why do I care so passionately about the way our country is run?
I sure as hell didn’t care before, most other teenagers (disregarding a charming minority) are happy to live up to the stereotype right now. I’m a teenager, why do I not act like one?
Sometimes I wish I could just be an immature git for a while. I could feel like the rest of the teenage population. 

Maybe, just maybe, when I’m 23, I won’t give a toss about the ‘halls of government’. I’ll be living in an appartment block over the Saint-Laurent river in old Quebec. I’ll be making films about things totally unrelated to politick. Maybe, I won’t think Quebec would be such a cool place to live by then.

I like Manga now, but will I like it so much in 9 years time?
It may all be a phase.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, there will now be a short intermission (of possibly up to 3 days) before the next post. I must now retire to practice Hindu meditation techniques, yoga and other wierd stuff Christine thinks is good for me.


Written by Pierre

March 8, 2009 at 17:10

Posted in politick

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  1. […] this as they were widely seen as the instigators of the credit crunch. The prevailing chant of our ‘put people first’ march through Oxford town centre was “Our jobs are not for sale: put the Bankers into jail” and “Bankers […]

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