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I’m changing my name from my alias ‘Clagnut’ to my actual name in real life ‘Pierre’. This is for two reasons:

  1.  I’ve been aware for a long while now that there are several completely incorrect entries on the urban dictionary listing the clagnut as being a bit of poo. Which I find to be the least bit offensive.
  2. Since it;s my personal blog. I might as well have my own, personal, name. Like, my own.

The name ‘Clagnut’ origniates fromthe ballad at the end of Worms 3D detailing the story of the worms. It’s called ‘Wormsong 2003’ by Bjorn Lynne. He’s also the reason I discovered teh Timuras. Anyway, enough about him, the lines of his song reference Clagnut several times:

We join Clagnut, son of Spadge, as he sets out on a scouting mission behind enemy lines.
The memory of his father clear in his mind, Clagnut carefully peeked over a leaf.
Using the rope he had packed, Clagnut lowered himself down the hill.

A picture of Clagnut is supplied from Worms: Blast and his character is gone into in a little more detail. In Worms: XBLA, Clagnut inthe ‘Old Skool’ team is renamed to ‘Clanger’.
Clagnut may not be an original name. But it has a nice ring to it. And it stuck. But from now on, my new alias will be ‘Spadge’. Until someone ammends the Urban Dictionary again.

I wouldn’t choose a name like Code_Gordon because that’s a blatant reference to Half-Life. Gordon Freeman is NOT Fabian Netzler.
Star Control is always good for interesting names. I’ll think it over. Anyway, for now, I am called Pierre. Nothing fancy, but then again, I can’t afford to be.

Also, of interest, one of my comerades recently got an Xbox LIVE account and called himself ‘Lenin CCCP’. He went ont eh American servers and was deafened with abuse. May this be a lesson to you all.  If you name yourself ‘SxyGurl9845xXx’ then you will recive abuse from people online. That’s just how it is. The online commuity is not mature. Anything is permitted. Freedom of speech is completely and utterly un-controlled. And: that’s a good thing.
Now it’s nearly 11 O’Clock and I must be off to bed. Night all!


Written by Pierre

March 3, 2009 at 22:48

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