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I just saw this application on a friend’s page on Facebook:

the worst Facebook app ever?

the worst Facebook app ever?

Actually, that’s not the most important thing which happened to me this week, I just created a desk out of raw materials from Wickes. That was, fun. I dipped my toe into achievement grinding on Team Fortress 2 after the well received Scout update. I’ve also noted my tendency to blog at weekends as that’s the only time I dedicate to really going to rant about a specific subject.

Appleseed was awesome. My thoughts to come. My Ukranian comerade Andriy is currently borrowing it and will give it back to me on Monday.

The parents are watching a film downstairs which is about sad people, it’s far worse than Max Payne. They should really be watching Max Payne. Or playing  Team Fortress.

I have obtained a crowbar. Complete with my Half-Life T-Shirt, I aim to be the Half-Life guy at gaming conventions from now on. To rise above all the other Half-Life guys out there. Also, it’s useful in the case of combine invasion through the portal world of Xen. You always have to be prepared for that eventuality.

I have stumbled across an agreement to teach Mariah french. Wondering what could compel me to spend an hour after school teaching someone else I have come up with two reasons: I could end up actually teaching well; earning respect; being a bit like Stephane, Secondly: Mariah is an amazingly wonderful person, if teaching french means I get to spend time with her, then I’m happy.

Under no cicumstances do I fancy Mariah. She is a very cool person. Is all.
Good night everyone!


Written by Pierre

February 28, 2009 at 20:46

Posted in life

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  1. Yes it was different from the crap we usually watch. Another lost hour and a half out of my life that I will never get back. At least there were no dogs drinking out of toilets….


    March 3, 2009 at 09:20

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