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This morning I was hassled at breakfast for information about going on holiday, then I went to fetch a canoe across from the river for a race tomorrow. I took the political compass test which I highly reccomend to any person interested in politick. I found ou that Alestorm have released a new single which features one of their songs sung in German, a re-mix of an old song which was avaliable for free download but they then took it off and released it as a new EP, and 2 new songs. Still, it’s Alestorm and although their music is strange, it’s interesting all the same. Someone at school told me that they were touring soon in london (21st Febuary) . I’ll try to see that, although I’ve never been to a heavy-metal concert before so I’m not sure if I should just sit around on the side and watch or do their ‘mosh pit’ thing.

I checked the Rammstein website and was astounded to find just how much merchandise they have. They release around 1 t-shirt for every 3 songs they make, with special t-shirts for singles and so forth, the total stuff on their website is 213 items. That’s a huge amount for a band who rages against consumerism. There’s just no clear line in such world.

This T-Shirt caught my eye:

I mean it’s quite obviously a nice T-Shirt. But I’m supposed to be making my own DIY T-Shirt now despite the fact that Peter has refused to order anything from Amazon yet. I can’t wait to get my own debit card.
I got £15 yesterday from babysitting. I have a job, I am self-sufficient!


Also, when Matthieu comes back from drums today, I’ll got to town and buy Mirror’s Edge. It’s a risk as nobody else seems to think it worth buying and I would only really conribute towards it as it’s another Xbox game and we always need Xbox games and that it’s just something different to the norm.
I considered a fantasy RPG such as Fallout 3. But since that’s an 18, I’ll have to go for something like Fable 2. There’s nothing wrong with slaying dragons, saving maidens on quests and the like is there?

Peter confided with me today that he’d be happier off playing something like Super Mario Galaxy as a family game. No chance of that seeing as it’s on the Wii. The current ‘family game’ champion is Sims 3 which still hasn’t come out yet.
Multiplayer DLC for Burnout Paradise? 


UPDATE: I just asked Christine if she thought the T-Shirt looked alright, she said it would make me look like a thug. That’s that setled then.

UPDATE 2: I just read on Wikipedia (where I got the image) that one of the characters of Fable 2 was narrated by Stephen Fry. Another dilemna solved.


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February 14, 2009 at 13:02

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