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I’m 17 minutes in to the bond movie quantum of solace and I just spotted a multi-touch xx-inch tablet PC being manhandled by Mi5 (or Mi6, who cares?). I was resentful of the huge microsoft surface on display in ‘the day the earth stood still’. And now this is getting ridiculous. I hate being subtly sold stuff which I won’t be able to buy anyway. No more product placement please. It’s annoying.

Also of note, can Daniel Craig not pretend to be a. Cool or b. Italian. He is neither and if he’s to be accurate, he should play a russian.
Apart from that, I am enjoying Quantum of Solace so far.
Update: 20:28: Daniel Craig walks into a hotel and stabs this guy to death and steals a briefcase off him. I have no idea what his motive is for doing this and I presume that it will serve some purpose later on.

Written by Pierre

January 8, 2009 at 16:10

Posted in life

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