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Another list of interesting games

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I recently found this site abandonia where is hosted old games. I recently ordered a new laptop and my graphics card isn’t up to sratch to play today’s demanding games. Therefore I’m going to play loads of retro arcade games and Source games because they run on almost any computer.

  • Another World. I’ll go to town today because I swore seeing it there. An old adventure game which was re-made with better graphics.
  • Doom II: Hell on Earth. I don’t mind if it’s probably an 18.
  • Prince of Persia. I played the later versions so hey, why not play the first one?
  • Prince of Persia 2. Just before Prince of Persia 3D. Which was awful.
  • Wolfenstein 3D. Because I think my dad probably played it. Or the Escape fron Castle Wolfenstein. Not the remake.
  • Turok – Dinosaur hunter. I’m just curious really as to how this will turn out.
  • Earthworm Jim. It’s famous, apparently, so I’ll give it a bash.
Other games which are on Steam:
  • Commander Keen.
  • Il-2 Sturmovik. I’ve always wanted that game. And now it’s on Steam. For cheap!
  • Beyond Good and Evil. Seems political.
  • Trials 2. It’s an evolution of a flash-based motorcycle game. All cheap through!
  • Multiwinia. I never bothered to finish Darwinia so it might be a good start for Multi-Player action. Or Command and Conquer Red Alert 3. If I don’t get that on Xbox. Which I surely will.
  • World of Goo.
  • Gish. Same as above and below, really.
  • Eets. Also on Xbox LIVE Arcade.
  • Aquaria. Looks, kind-of-alright, I guess.
  • Vigil – Blood Bitterness. Why not? It looks artisitc.
And there was another game which I considered putting down but then forgot about when I was writing the list. According to my calculations, all that up there should cost £50. If each game is £5. And then I can but some movie-editing software.

Written by Pierre

December 29, 2008 at 07:21

Posted in gaming

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