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Yesterday I completed a FullMetalAlchemist marathon in which I watched all of series 11 in one go. Without stopping or anything. Beware, I’m about to reveal some messed-up spoilers to you:

  1. Edward Elric’s father returns, apparently he’s older than he looks (by about 200 years, don’t ask me why; he’s an alchemist.). And he’s the leader of a deranged cult of homunculi whose bodies slowly decay until they find another body and inhabit it.
  2. Scar created a philosopher’s stone inside Alphonse Elric’s body so his alchemy is uber-powerful.
  3. Scar is dead but he managed to kill Lieutentant Colonel Archer in a duel, then he obliterated the town of Liore along with everyone in Archer’s army. Then he died, after telling Lira to forgive him of his sins and then saving Alphonse’s life. Typical kind of death for Scar. Oh, and he never did tell anyone his real name.
  4. Because the Elric brothers are in posession of a philosopher’s stone they are on the run from both the military, the Homunculi and practically all the alchemists in the world.
  5. The Fuhrer is really a Homunculus, and so is his assistant.
  6. Colonel Mustang (the Crimson Alchemist) actually killed Winry’s mum and dad after the fall of Ishballa and he says he’s very sorry. This is also why he agrees to help the Elric brothers and hide them from the military.

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May 18, 2008 at 08:53

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